Together with its 132,000 employees, the Group strives to take care of others at all moments in their life in the same way as a family would. The role of Elior Group is to take account of the diverse needs of its guests by responsibly combining its culinary expertise, operational excellence and unceasing innovation. The Elior Group 2017-2018 activity report, entitled “We are family!”, illustrates the importance of catering, in all its forms, with regard to nourishing both the body and the mind.

The theme of the Group's new activity report is the family: the family of loved ones savoring a meal together; the family of friends enjoying a break, and the family of colleagues participating in a meeting or in a project. As a symbol of unity in diversity, the family is a circle of goodwill and solidarity that demonstrates the desire to go forward together. 

As a global player in catering and related services, Elior Group serves six million guests every day, accompanying them whatever their age, whenever they want and wherever they want: a catering commitment that requires a welcoming setting and which may be summed up by two verbs full of meaning: feed and take care of.

The activity report was produced by the Abmo agency. The concept is structured around the members of six family groups posing together for Guia Besana for the cover page and to illustrate the six chapters of the document: feed, take care, nurture, grow and lead.

A “We are family!” video was produced by the Linkit agency and projected at the General Shareholders' Meeting on March 22, 2019. This film depicts the vast family of Elior Group; a community of women and men of all ages from all walks of life transmitting their desire to work together  for the same group, and sharing the same passion that inspires them every day.