The Group has carried out many initiatives to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of its guests. Its innovative culinary offerings are adapted to the state of health and tastes of each person.

Fight against malnutrition

To address the problems of malnutrition, Elior is innovating to make it easier for seniors and people with serious pathologies to eat:

  • In France, Idequatio makes it possible to preserve the appearance of food for people with swallowing disorders.
  • In the UK, Grazing Boxes offers a mini portion solution for people with dementia who can no longer eat sitting down. This solution allows people to eat small portions all day long, and increases the amount of food they eat. 
  • In Spain, we have forged a partnership with a university scientific college and a partner to develop Better Taste in Older Age, an innovative solution designed to stimulate the appetite of the elderly thanks, among other things, to the diffusion of scents.

Healthy At Home, an innovation dedicated to patient well-being

In the United States, the Healthy At Home offer allows patients with nutritional problems to adapt their meals to their specific needs during their stay in hospital, and when they return home. Feeding our guests better reduces the readmission rate and relieves patients and caregivers.

"The COVID crisis, with the closure of cafeterias in hospitals, really affected our customers and their employees and forced us to be very innovative. Healthy at Home offers personalized meals according to the medical profile of patients, during their hospitalization or in retirement homes when they leave hospital. The long-term objective is to limit the rate of readmission into short-term care."

— Shannon Malozzi

Marketing Director of Cura (USA)

Eat well, eat healthy

More flexible offers

Our offers must adapt quickly to the demands of our guests, who have changed their work habits.

Meet the new demands of our guests

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