Effective CSR governance makes it possible to formulate the Group's challenges at all levels from the governing bodies to the operational teams. 

Group CSR Committee

The CSR committee is chaired by the CEO of Elior Group, meets at least 4 times a year and includes among its permanent members the Group's CSR manager and the directors of the CSR strategic areas, members of the Executive Committee: the purchasing and logistics director, the director of human resources, and the director of communication. 

This committee validates the orientations, priorities and mechanisms relating to the components of the CSR strategy, and monitors the performance of the actions implemented.

Strategy, Investment and Social Responsibility Committee

The mission of this committee is to inform the Board of Directors with regard to its strategic orientations and investments. It assesses the Group's CSR values and commitments and ensures that these are integrated correctly in the decisions the Committee makes.

CSR-correspondent network

In order to meet the group's sustainability ambitions, Elior’s various subsidiaries deploy action plans and develop tools that are consistent with the constraints and challenges they face within their respective markets. By coordinating the network of CSR correspondents, appointed by the managing directors of the entities, the Group ensures consistency between local strategies and the Group's vision.

The Group’s CSR team also serves as an interface with the other departments: compliance, risks, the IT department, etc. In particular, it establishes the extra-financial risk matrix in collaboration with the internal audit department.

Going further

Our ESG Criteria

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria serve to assess the consideration of the sustainable development in our strategy. 

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Integrity and compliance policy

Business integrity is at the heart of our business and our relationships with our stakeholders.

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