The Group is convinced that the development of a circular economy requires reinventing guests’ consumer habits so as to limit the generation of waste, and plastic in particular. 

The proportion of
responsible packaging

To reduce the need to extract fossil materials and limit the generation of waste related to its activities, the Group has set itself the objective to increase the proportion of its reusable and/or recyclable packaging and consumables (cutlery, glasses, food containers, straws, etc.). The materials used can be bio-sourced (polylactic acid, corn, sugar cane pulp, bamboo, etc.), compostable or even biodegradable. 

24,2 %

responsible packaging

Our best practices

Reduce the use of plastic

Participation in innovative initiatives ranging from reducing the emission of single-use plastic (Vegware) to improving end-of-life recycling (Water Unite Elior UK).

Alternatives to bottles

In Spain, mineral water fountains or fountains connected to the drinking water network are gradually being installed. This initiative has, for example, made it possible to avoid the use of just over 1.8 million plastic bottles in 128 schools.

Alternative packaging solutions

Elior France has teamed up with companies specializing in solutions related to the reuse of food containers. Pilot projects have been launched to provide guests with reusable containers for takeaway meals by introducing a deposit system.