Company’s share capital
at April 30, 2024

Number of shares comprising the capital as of April 30, 2024: 253,611,809 



It is recalled that in addition to the legal obligation to inform the Company when certain portions of capital or voting rights are held, any natural person or legal entity, or any shareholder who should directly or indirectly, alone or in a group as defined by articles L. 233-10 et seq of the Commercial Code, hold a number of Company shares equal to or more than 1% of the total number of shares or voting rights, prior to the end of the fifth day of trading after this participation threshold is exceeded, should notify the Company by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt. 

This declaration is renewed under the same conditions each time a new threshold of a multiple of 1% of the total number of shares or voting rights is exceeded. Any shareholder whose participation in capital or voting rights falls below the aforementioned statutory shareholdings, is also bound to notify the Company in the same five-day term and in line with the same conditions.