As a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004, Elior Group respects, supports and promotes the fight against all forms of corruption.

Business integrity is at the heart of our activities and relationships with our stakeholders (customers, investors, suppliers, partners, etc.).

As such, our Group and all of our employees respect our ethical commitments and conduct their activities in accordance with the legislation in force in the countries where we operate (such as, the French anti-corruption law (“Sapin II”) addressing transparency, the fight against corruption and economic modernization). 

Our integrity program

In order to promote a culture of integrity within our Group, we have formulated our commitments in two key documents.

The Ethical Principles

The purpose of Elior Group’s Ethical Principles is to provide a reference framework that is shared by all employees in their daily working lives.

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The Integrity Guide

The Integrity Guide is our anti-corruption code of conduct. Its purpose is to define a clear set of rules and provide practical recommendations enabling each employee to prevent the risk of corruption. 


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The Whistleblower Hot-line

In 2018, Elior Group adopted an outsourced alert system. Accessible by email or telephone from all the countries where the Group operates, it enables employees to report any violation of the provisions set out in the Group’s Integrity Guide.


France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom

☎️ 00 800 180 620 19

The operator will answer you in one of the languages of your choice: French, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. 

iSope solutions (Alerte Elior)   
90/92 Route de la Reine 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France


United States

You may raise a concern either in English or Spanish. 

iSope solutions (Alerte Elior)     
90/92 Route de la Reine 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France

In accordance with the Whistle-blower Charter, the following people may be contacted:

  • The caller’s direct superior
  • The Compliance Officer, Compliance referent or the Group Compliance Officer at the following address: 
  • The Legal Department
  • The Human Resources Department

A dedicated site

To find out more about our Integrity Policies and our whistle-blower hot-line, do not hesitate to consult Elior Group’s website dedicated to integrity. 

The site, which is accessible to everyone, is regularly updated and available in four languages, gives all of the Group's commitments in terms of integrity and the corresponding documentation.

Elior Integrity

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The Duty of care

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Elior Group is committed to promoting and respecting, across its entire value chain, the principles relating to respect for human rights, international labor standards and the environment. It also ensures against becoming an accessary to their violation.

Over the years, Elior Group has adopted procedures and implemented tools designed to identify, assess and control its risks. One of these tools is the Group's Responsible Sourcing Charter, which formalizes the commitments made by Elior companies to their respective supply chains. As such, Elior Group places business integrity, the improvement of the socio-economic and environmental footprint and the development of its suppliers at the heart of its value chain and of all of the Group's businesses.

The responsible sourcing charter

Our responsible purchasing charter formalizes the commitments made by Elior companies to their supply chain. Elior Group demands that its suppliers commit to these principles by signing this Charter and by adopting similar programs within their own supply chain. 

Our Responsible Sourcing Charter

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