Our teams serve around 3 million customers a day in five countries. It is their job to address certain social issues such as questions on public health related to food, managing the consequences of agricultural practices on the environment, limiting food waste and creating skilled jobs.  

Training our cooks to limit food waste

To incite our kitchen staff to limit food waste and, more generally, to increase their awareness of responsible food issues, we give our employees in France access to training in environmental and societal issues related to their catering activities.  Reserved for sales and operational teams, these training sessions reiterate the Group’s key sustainable growth challenges and underscore Elior’s strategy in this domain. Training also covers concrete practices to implement in the kitchen, especially those related to limiting food waste.   

Restaurant teams are therefore trained to:

  • Offer two portion sizes to cater for small or big appetites.
  • Display "This is my last day" labels on products nearing the eat-by date.
  • Place the bread at the end of the self-service counter, or charge for it.
  • Install a transparent container at the tray-disposal area in which customers can put their uneaten bread. 
  • Offer cut fruit slices in school canteens.
  • Use self-service counters for starters and salads, and offer guests the possibility of adding sauces if they wish

Our CSR commitments

To ensure sustainable growth, our mission as a responsible caterer and services provider is to earn the trust of our guests every day by offering them healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly meals that also give them a moment of pleasure.

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