Every day, we earn the trust of our guests by offering them healthy, tasty food that respects the planet

Contract catering, the traditional core activity of Elior Group, draws on the savoir-faire shared by Elior’s teams around the world. For 30 years, the Group has been at the forefront of catering trends and practices for all of its guests : from infants in day care and pre-school, to the elderly in retirement homes, and for employees in businesses and industry). 

The Group continues to develop its historic Elior brand, as well as some national and local brands so that it can provide customized solutions for particular issues or specific regional characteristics.

Our key figures




restaurants and points of sale 

3,1 million

guests per day 

Three main markets

Elior offers a range of personalized solutions and innovative catering concepts in the education, B&I, and healthcare sectors. Every day, Elior has to adapt to a variety of needs that combine culinary know-how and operational excellence in order to meet consumer demand for good, healthy and environment-friendly food served in convivial settings, and catering services that are in line with ever-changing lifestyles. 

Business and industry

Propose gourmet and innovative offers to B&I employees 

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Healthy and balanced meals that are accessible to all.

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Nutrition at the heart of care.

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