For certain issues, Elior Group considers that acting alone is not enough to positively and sustainably transform practices. The Group is convinced that the challenges represented by the fight against deforestation in the supply chain and the cause for animal welfare will only be met by way of collective movements that bring together a wide variety of players (companies, NGOs, States, etc.).

Furthermore, aware of the importance of preserving forests, Elior Group is vigilant about the environmental impact of the soybean and palm oil sector and has clearly identified the risks of deforestation linked to the animal feed of the meat it serves. In 2018, Elior Group joined an initiative in France launched by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) bringing together several major players in the retail, agri-food, animal feed and collective catering sectors. 

The Group also aims to improve its responsible purchasing indicators (organic, local, labeled, etc.) which contribute to reducing the Group's impact on biodiversity. In France, Elior has equipped itself with a tool designed to qualify, categorize and measure its responsible purchases, in particular through labels protecting biodiversity.

Our best practices

Global Coalition for Animal Welfare

Elior is one of the founding members of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare. By taking part in workgroups on cage-free eggs and poultry, Elior supports the exchange of best practices and promotes the changes envisaged by the OIE concerning the environment of laying hen farms.

Raising stakeholder awareness

In France, teams are trained by experts in these issues and surveys are carried out on the breeding, transport and slaughtering practices of suppliers: 100% of egg-product and poultry suppliers surveyed favor the curative use of antibiotics and 96% audit their partners on animal welfare issues.

Comply with the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment

22% of our poultry supplies in France comply with the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment while guaranteeing poultry access to the open air (or winter garden). Elior has set an objective to reach 25% by 2025 for these criteria.

Red Lion Certified

In the UK, all eggs are Red Lion certified. 

Going further

Seasonal, locally-sourced and labeled products

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More sustainable packaging

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