With more than 133,000 positions within the Group, there are many opportunities for employees to change site, region, market segment, position or profession. 

Our key figures

When a position becomes vacant, we give priority to our internal candidates. 

60 %

of managerial positions worldwide were filled via internal mobility in 2022-2023

Examples of actions taken

Yearly meetings with managers

Every year, all of our employees have a formal meeting with their manager during which they can have an open and constructive discussion about their objectives and future opportunities.

Making employees aware of mobility opportunities

The Group has implemented several internal mobility tools enabling our employees to find out about all the job opportunities available at Elior.   

Finding out about “my colleague’s job”

Thanks to the “Live my Life "initiative, our employees can contact their Elior colleagues and spend a few days finding out about their jobs. 

Promoting in-house mobility

The roll-out of Andjaro in several of the Group’s operating countries has paved the way for temporary internal mobility.

Testimony of a regional manager in the UK

“My career progression with Elior has been aided through the support and guidance of my Operations Managers and Regional Directors, they helped me develop through one to one training and I attended a number of excellent courses run by the learning and development team. This along with my eagerness to develop and advance has contributed to me being able to grow my career within Elior.”

— Gill Heath

Regional Managing Director at Elior UK

Some examples of our actions

Knowing how to benefit from each encounter and each interaction with our colleagues, as well as to listen, question, share and communicate, is enriching for all of us. At Elior, you will find face-to-face or on-line courses, enabling you to further your career path; solutions that will make you feel at ease in your present job and pave the way for your future development.  


Training programs, some of which leading to certificates or degrees, allow us to prepare our future chefs, as well as our catering-team, site, sector and sales managers, etc. Examples of the Group’s training facilities include The Elior Services Sales Academy and the Chef School in the UK.

Tutoring and mentoring

Elior has significantly expanded its tutoring schemes and launched mentoring programs at the international level for certain employees, notably in the US and the UK.


Our integration programs are designed to meet your expectations, facilitate your first days and weeks working at Elior and give you every chance of succeeding as a member of our staff.