We enhance the value of our meals in relation to their impact on society, human beings and the environment.


A responsible Group

We have a responsibility to provide solutions to the global issues where we can make a positive impact 

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Reinventing catering

We adapt our catering offers, our organization, our supplies, and our production and delivery modes and digitalize our services.  

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Join Elior Group, and take part in the ambitious and collective international endeavor of a worldwide leader in the catering and support services industry.

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Our activities

Contract catering

Offering personalized solutions and innovative catering concepts to the worlds of education, business and healthcare.  


Providing support in three areas of expertise: cleanliness and hygiene; healthcare hospitality, and facility management  

Leader in catering and services

Elior Group has become a benchmark player in the business & industry, education, healthcare and leisure markets. Innovation and social responsibility are at the core of our business model. 

3 million

guests per day 


restaurants and points of sale 






Fight against food waste, nutritional balance, solidarity initiatives or tasty recipes: the latest news from Elior is related to the major social issues that interest you.  

18 July 2022

Leguminous crops grown locally for Parisian B&I restaurants

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13 July 2022

“Short circuit model used for all food products produced at our farm in Haute-Savoie”

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27 June 2022

Training to provide a vegetarian cuisine suitable for children

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15 June 2022

Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut tart

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14 June 2022

Local apples and pears: unfailing support from Elior to Vergers de Sennevières

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Dynamic teams

“I started cooking at the age of 25. When I joined Elior, I was a dishwasher. That’s where I learned about contract catering in general. It inspired me straight away to take an interest in cooking. I started learning the basics, I really learned how to do the job by working with other chefs. And also, thanks to the training courses provided by Elior. What I love most about my job is making my guests happy. I love making good food, with good produce.” 

— Isabelle Senecat

Elior Chef

Twice as ready

Review of commitments 2021

Accelerating our transformation to become even more innovative and responsible.