Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our employees plays a key role for our catering group.  Elior is committed to offering its employees optimal working conditions and considers the preservation of their health and safety a top priority.

Ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace

We do everything possible to ensure the day-to-day well-being of our employees. In this respect, our priorities are to:  

  • Implement a health and safety policy underscoring our commitment to enforcing a safe working environment.   
  • Set clear, pertinent safety objectives in the workplace.
  • Ensure that all our employees understand and abide by the internal safety rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that all employees have access to the tools and equipment necessary to do their jobs under safe conditions. 
  • Ensure that all the employees receive the appropriate training and advice to carry out their work in complete safety.  
  • Make inquiries to ensure that all serious accidents and major incidents are analyzed in order to take preventive measures. 

In all of Elior’s domestic and foreign operating markets, the Group offers its employees and their families advantages ensuring access to standard healthcare (medical visits, hospitalization, optical and dental treatment, etc.) and protection in case of unexpected difficulties (short or long-term illness and death).

Sanitary crisis linked to Covid-19

To limit the impact on our teams of the 2020-21 sanitary crisis, we implemented a number of measures guaranteeing the safety of our workers, including psychological support. These measures included:

  1. A toll-free hotline giving all our teams access to psychological help.
  2. New channels of communication giving our colleagues access to a permanent and simple means of contact: SMS, websites, hotlines, apps and on-line meetings.
  3. Implementation of a well-being network across Elior’s UK entities (guidance, training, etc.)
  4. Training in sanitary protocols and social distancing  
  5. Providing a guide on resilience and well-being, with advice and concrete exercises. 

Elior has decided to set up a solidarity fund to support its most fragile employees both in France and abroad.  The objective of this fund is to provide financial support to Elior employees with personal or medical problems arising from the Covid-19 crisis. Commissions are held every month to study the cases and validate the amount of aid to be attributed. 

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