Elior Group considers the preservation of the safety of its 133,000 or so employees, as well as its subcontractors and all of its guests to be an absolute priority.

Our key figures

Within the Group, data related to the health and safety of employees (frequency rate, severity rate, life changing accidents, etc.) are constantly monitored.

1,4 %

the frequency rate of workplace accidents reduced by 9% in 2022, compared with 2022

5,5 %

the severity rate reduced by 4%, compared with 2022 

Being particularly involved, the Group's general management monitors this data on a monthly basis during the performance reviews of each entity and deploys all the means necessary to implement appropriate preventive measures. Occupational health and safety training are two of the Group's most popular programs. In 2019, Elior Group published its Workplace Safety Charter. 

Our best practices

Provide medical advice to employees

For this, Elior North America has adopted the Medcor solution. Via a single telephone number, injured employees can contact a nurse to report an accident and obtain medical advice for their recovery.

Reduce the
number of accidents

In the UK, ALERT 65 is an assessment technology tool designed to reduce the number of accidents and risks throughout the company and promote the culture of safety. Scheduled for roll out at all sites by the end of 2021-2022, this tool will reduce incident frequency and severity rates, as well as associated costs.

Safety Awareness

Through the implementation of a Workplace Safety Cross, a focus on near misses, and the use of a systematic approach to identify the root cause of an accident, together we are creating a safer workplace. In Spain, their “Give me 5” campaign encourages teams to participate in a 5 minute discussion on safety.  

Provide safety equipment

Deployment in France of new Musculo-Skeletal Disorder (MSD) safety equipment to help reduce this type of accident. Creation of a new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) catalogue to reinforce safety measures against the risk of COVID. Implementation of stretching exercises for employees in the workplace to help reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

Going beyond

Offering quality, healthy and safe products to our guests

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Developing skills and promotes internal development

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