very day more than 3 million people rely on Elior to serve them meals. Every day, at more than 2,400 sites across the world, Elior ensures a safe and healthy environment. You can count on us to do our jobs well, because we are with you, every day. 

We make sure all of our guests, in all our catering facilities — from nursery schools to big companies, from hospitals to universities, from city centres to rural communities — get what they need. We serve balanced, nutritious and tasty meals, and leaders at our food-service facilities are constantly inventing ways to provide friendlier service and to keep up with changing times, at the fairest of prices.

The services we provide — from cleaning, to reception, to maintenance and technical work — convey consistent proof of our high quality standards and our desire to put our clients’ minds at ease. 

As a responsible caterer and service operator, we work with a view to a future that includes all of our stakeholders: from our employees, who can count on us to advance their careers, to our suppliers, local producers, and all those who are with us on our quest for innovation. Our sense of responsibility encompasses customers and guests, but also environmental resources, which we are committed to respecting at every level of our business. 
We strive to make sure our company grows sustainably, responsibly and inclusively. Because that is the kind of growth that best serves society. 

Activity Report 2022

Sustainable, responsible, inclusive: growth in the service of society

Underpinned by a strategy built around innovation and corporate social responsibility, Elior is a world leader in contract catering and support services.