At Elior, not only do we promote diversity and inclusion, but we are convinced that these are essential for us to meet the expectations of our customers, to remain creative, to feel good in the company and to perform well. 

Elior has set up a diversity working group comprising around 20 employees from all its operating countries and businesses, as well as a governance committee of 11 directors from all countries, which is chaired by the Group's Chief Executive Officer and meets three times a year.  These teams are implementing a vast action plan covering the areas of recruitment, career management, training, working conditions, compensation and internal communication with the aim to achieve the Group’s ambitious diversity objectives.

Our key figure

50 %

of Elior managers were women in 2022

5.8 %

of our employees had recognized disabilities in France (Sept 2022) 

Equal pay

Committed to respecting pay equity between women and men, Elior Group undertakes to fight against any pay gaps or unjustified treatment in all of its operating countries.

Elior France

In accordance with the decree implementing the Professional Future law (Avenir professionnel), the French entities of the Elior Group have measured the indicators defined by the gender equality index. 

2020 scores

Elior Services

The Facility Management entity obtained a score of 84 and the cleanliness and health entity a score of 89. 

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Elior UK

Since 2017, our UK subsidiary has published an annual gender equality report. The wage gap has narrowed every year thanks to measures and initiatives carried out. 

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More generally, in early 2021, the Group initiated a process aimed at measuring and eliminating, where applicable, the wage gap between men and women in all of our operating countries.

The best reason to join us will be your own!

At Elior we know that your expectations are unique and specific. Our colleagues and candidates do not all expect the same thing from their company, their job, their manager and their colleagues, etc. and we are delighted because it is the diversity of profiles and motivations that makes our group so rich. 

Are you looking for a job that presents new challenges, varied activities, working hours that are more compatible with your personal life or a good working atmosphere? You might be wanting to develop your skills, or find a job closer to home.  Maybe you want to give meaning to your work. Or perhaps you are looking for new encounters and discoveries or want to explore new horizons.

We are looking for genuine candidates each with their own particular reason for wanting to join us. What will yours be?   

Our job offers

133,000 employees work at one of our 20,200 sites in the 5 main countries where the Group is present, namely in France, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy.

In order to support our development, we recruit many new colleagues every year. Over the past 3 years, 25,000 new employees joined us every year on permanent contracts around the world. Why not you?

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