Raising guest awareness to the importance of sorting is also essential. The reduction of waste and the increase in its recovery depend largely on how efficiently guests sort their leftovers when they finish their meals.  To make life easier for its guests and encourage sorting and recycling, the Group provides waste-management equipment whenever possible. 

Our best practices

Redistributing unconsumed meals to solidarity associations

Committed to the most vulnerable sections of the community, the Group actively contributes to solidarity efforts with food-redistribution and food-donation networks established in the territories where it is present, for example with Food Banks in Italy and France. In 2021-2022, Elior France donated more than 55 tons of food to associations and food banks. 

Sorting bio-waste

Sorting bio-waste allows recovery by professionals in the methanization and local industrial composting sectors. The Group is reviewing other recovery options, particularly in Italy via where agri-food waste is recovered and used for animal feed.  Elior has a duty to set an example at the sites where it is in charge of the waste contract.

Food donations in the UK

Thanks to the mobile food-sharing app, OLIO, food surpluses are donated to local communities. So far, Elior UK and its subsidiaries have donated more than 8,000 kg of food, the equivalent of more than 19,000 meals.

Meal baskets for employees and students

Elior’s partnership with Too Good To Go enables B&I employees and university students to reserve their surprise, surplus-food box at a reduced price and pick it up at the end of the day. Several thousand meals are thus saved each year, in France and Spain .

Sustainable packaging

The Group firmly believes that developing a circular economy requires reinventing guests’ consumer habits so as to limit the generation of waste, and plastic in particular.

We reduce the use of plastic and develop reusable or more optimized packaging solutions

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