Founded some 30 years ago, the Group now faces many challenges: offering organic and locally-grown food, adapting to home office, limiting food waste, etc. 

The Group has always been committed to providing healthy and responsible food while developing its offers to meet the needs of its customers and guests. In order to remain the leader in its sector, the Group adapts to major societal trends. 

Our key dates

Since it was founded in 1991, the Group has grown from being a Franco-French contract caterer into an international group with two core activities: contract catering and services. 

With the July 1, 2019 disposal of its concession catering activities grouped under the global Areas brand, Elior Group opens a new chapter in its history by refocusing on its core business, contract catering to become the second pure player in this sector in the world.

The New Elior plan lays out the Group’s five-year objectives in the six geographic regions where it operates: in Europe, to regain its position as the most efficient player in the market; in the United States, to double its presence; in India, to strengthen its positions.

In the United Kingdom in 2019, then in the United States in 2020, Elior launches the Lexington Independants brand, which becomes the unique brand in the private, middle and high school market. The Group thus reinforces its presence in the private education market, by offering tailor-made catering solutions for students and teachers.

In 2021 in France, Elior acquires Nestor to complete its B&I offering, expand its delivery capacities and thus respond very concretely to the needs of teleworking employees.

In the United States, Elior reinforces its position as a leader in the home-delivery market and in living environments for seniors and people in need by creating TRIO Community Meals, which brings together three regional brands (Valley, Bateman Community Living and Lindley). 

On June 11, 2014, the Group is listed for the second time on the Premier Marché of Euronext Paris.

In 2015, the Group reinforces its position as a global player in the concession catering market by increasing its stake in Areas to 100%. 

It also strengthens its presence in the US contract catering with the acquisition of the STARR Catering Group (which has since become the Constellation Culinary Group), a market leader offering a comprehensive range of quality catering services. In 2016, the Group's North American subsidiary adopts Elior Group's flagship contract catering brand and changes its name to Elior North America. In the United States, it acquires the companies ABL Management (university and prison catering) and Preferred Meals (specialized in contract catering and home delivery in the education and seniors markets). 

In the United Kingdom, Elior Group acquires Waterfall Catering Group, a company positioned in the growing education and health-care markets, making it number four in the UK contract catering market.

In India, Elior Group penetrates the Asian continent via the simultaneous acquisitions of two contract catering companies, namely: MegaBite Food Services and CRCL. Elior India becomes one of the three main players in the Indian contract catering market.

In 2017, Elior Group continues to develop its contract catering activities in the United States with the successive acquisitions of CBM Managed Services, Lancer Hospitality, Abigail Kirsch, Corporate Chefs, Design Cuisine and Sidekim. Corporate Chefs strengthens Elior North America's positions in the high-end B&I catering and educational markets. Lancer Hospitality manages the contract catering of cultural sites, amusement parks, business centers, schools and health-care establishments. Based in Minnesota, this company extends Elior Group's geographical presence in the United States. The 2018 acquisition of Bateman Community Living, strengthens Elior North America's position in the seniors food market. Overall, in the space of three years, the Group made nineteen acquisitions in the United States.

In 2006, the Group is withdrawn from the Euronext index following its acquisition by Charterhouse, Checkers and Robert Zolade.

At the beginning of the decade, the Group carries out a number of acquisitions in different markets and in different activities. 

  • In 2010 it acquires Copra, an Italian player in contract catering, and Sin&Stes, a French leader in B&I cleaning services, making the Group sixth player in cleaning services on the French market. 
  • In 2011, the Group reinforces its contract catering activity in Spain by acquiring the Alessa Catering group. In early 2012, the Group groups its activities under the Elior brand, which also becomes the commercial brand for its activities in France, the United Kingdom and Italy. 
  • In 2012, the Group acquires two catering companies: Gemeaz, in Italy, which makes it the leading contract caterer in this country, and Ansamble, in France, which makes it co-leader in the French contract catering market. 
  • In 2013, the Group penetrates the American contract catering market with the acquisition of TrustHouse Services (now Elior North America), one of the leaders in the US education and healthcare markets.  In October 2014, the Group acquires Lexington, a player specialized in high-end contract catering in the City of London. 

In 2000, the Group is listed on the Premier Marché of Euronext Paris. Shortly after, it strengthens its concession catering business in Italy and Spain via partnerships forged with the MyChef and Areas groups. It also reinforces its presence in the contract catering market in Spain by forging an alliance with Serunion. The Group diversifies its business and penetrates the French services market in 2004 by acquiring control of Hôpital Service, a company specialized in services (bio-cleaning and healthcare hotel services) for healthcare establishments.

In 1991, the Group is founded by Francis Markus, Robert Zolade and 300 executives who join forces to acquire a 35% stake in the capital of Société Générale de Restauration, a subsidiary of the Accor group.

In 1993, the Group penetrates the French concession catering market, before becoming the leader in 1997. In 1998, the Group adopts the name of Elior. In 1999, it steps up its European development in the contract catering market via acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. 

Our strategic plan

The Group has updated its strategic plan to take into account the impacts of the sanitary crisis and redefine a new financial trajectory by 2024. 

New Elior 2024 plan

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