We have been going through a period of profound change that fuels innovation and accelerates change. Our offers must adapt quickly to the demands of our guests, who have changed their work habits, go to the office less and are increasingly eating lunch alone.  We provide them with solutions for every situation.

United States : an offer dedicated to small businesses

For small spaces, Elior NA has developed Micro Market, a customized solution for small businesses where space has to be optimized. This self-service solution offers guests an assortment of offers (drinks, prepared take-away meals, snacks, etc.), and the possibility of ordering and paying online. Adapted and customizable, Micro Market offers the combination of quality of choice and flexibility for guests, who therefore benefit from access to a healthy and balanced diet.

In Italy, more flexible solutions for our guests

In Italy, the Icolti home-delivery solution, produced, for the most part, in our central kitchens, consists of more than 600 savory and sweet recipes or snacks. This catering solution proposes individual portions using the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology to ensure impeccable hygiene and traceability. Guests can place their order on the Joyfood app and pick up their meals in connected or self-service fridges.

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