Reduce our carbon emissions

As a partisan for the food transition, and via its global CSR strategy, the Group participates in the transition to adopting less carbon-intensive activities; an approach that involves its employees, customers and guests. 


Targeting a 12% reduction in carbon emissions per meal by 2025 compared to 2020 on our direct (scope 1 and 2) and indirect (scope 3) emissions.

Our goals for 2025

Sustainable energy management

Commitments to 2025 - Consume 80 % renewable electricity.

Our actions

30% less food waste

Commitments to 2025 - Reduce our food waste by 30 %.

Our actions

Produce lower carbon meals

Commiments to 2025 - Reduce our carbon emissions by 12 %.

Our actions

Our best practices

Reduce the energy
consumption in our central kitchens

In France, five central kitchens reduced their electricity consumption by 14% over 3 years.

Reduce the carbon
impact of our meals

In the UK, already 40% of Elior's recipes are vegetarian.

Inform guests about the environmental impact of our recipes

Elior France participated in the environmental labeling experiment concerning its menus commissioned by ADEME (Ecoscore).

Train chefs in vegetarian cuisine

In Spain, a training program dedicated to chefs has been set up to enhance their knowledge of vegetarian recipes.

Reduce food waste in schools

In Italy, Elior is rolling out an anti-waste program in 62 schools to raise staff awareness, measure waste and implement appropriate action plans.

Involve restaurants in the fight against waste

In the United States, Elior is deploying the Waste Nothing program at more than 1,000 sites.