Elior Solidarity gives a new dimension to our daily commitments by promoting the solidarity initiatives of our employees, as well as those of associations and committed institutions. Elior Solidarity finances, supports and promotes solidarity initiatives in the areas of nutrition and education, as well as access to employment and the environment. This underscores Elior’s commitment to the most vulnerable sections of the community, namely people without any access to decent living conditions, training or employment.

Access to food for the poorest

Elior Group supports actions designed to promote a healthy and balanced diet for people in need. 

The Group's teams rallied around one solidarity action in particular: the national food bank collection. For half a day, 70 Elior employees collected foodstuffs from customers in stores. 

I have been a Civil Protection first-aid volunteer for 10 years. This is very time consuming and I have little opportunity to carry out other actions so I was delighted that the group gave us the opportunity to participate in this food collection! This allowed me to discover another type of solidarity action. I had a great time, meeting new colleagues with quite different profiles from my own. I was happy to see the welcome that the store customers gave us as well as their generosity. A lot of people participated. Some people even had two baskets: one for themselves, and one for the food bank! 

— Laurence Ladet

Elior Training Project Manager

Photos illustrating our actions

Refugee chef, Yvette Dezzou, in an Elior restaurant in Rueil Malmaison during the Refugee Food Festival
Skewer of marinated beef, cooked by Yvette Dezzou during the Refugee Food Festival - Copyright Mahka Eslami
Elior volunteer during the national food bank collection