For Elior Group, the health, safety and well-being of its 3 million daily guests are key priorities.  Aware that there is no such thing as zero risk, the Group applies the highest recognized standards and has implemented systems throughout its production chain.

Elior Group works in close collaboration with all the players in its value chain, and notably with its suppliers, so that it can offer its guests quality, healthy and safe products. It ensures rigorous traceability of the ingredients used in its recipes and carries out audits to control the quality of its supplies.

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Scientific Committee

To anticipate risks and regulatory changes related to food safety, Elior has set up a scientific committee in France made up of independent experts who are benchmarks in their fields (nutrition, pediatrics, toxicology, microbiology, etc.) as well as members of the Group's teams (quality, safety, sourcing, etc.). This committee establishes health and nutritional recommendations, such as the prohibition of phthalates in materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. 

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Raise guests’ awareness to healthy and sustainable food

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Cook healthy and tasty dishes

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Increase the proportion of nutritious plant-based ingredients

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