To accompany Philippe Salle’s 2016-2020 strategy, Elior Group has undertaken a program to redefine its corporate values. After several months’ reflection with representatives from the Group’s 108,000 employees across the world, and three working seminars carried out in Paris, Barcelona and Miami, the Group has identified five key values which characterize it and embody its ambition to become the caterer of choice.

Visual concept and design has been entrusted to the graphic design agency, Studio Furious, and audiovisual support (videos) to the production company, Bête et Méchant.

During the month of July 2016, a program promoting Elior Group’s five corporate values (employee recognition, customer loyalty, innovation, operational excellence and responsibility) will be carried out targeting all Group stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, etc.), and involving the deployment of a variety of communication supports: web, social networks, posters, newsletters, goodies, stickers, etc.

For Frédéric Fougerat, Elior Group Vice-President Communications, “by entrusting the visual concept and design of our values to the young and remarkable agency, Studio Furious, we are leveraging the value of a team of talented designers who, by their daring and innovative style, achieve results that are intuitive and ensure maximum impact; a universal interpretation that is both poetic and off-beat and which is designed to enable all of our teams to rapidly make these values their own.

The five Elior Group values are :

Employee recognition

Elior Group endeavors to respect and recognize the work of all of its employees. Indispensable to the success of a catering and services group, employee recognition fosters the professional development and involvement of all staff members and gives them access to new career opportunities.

Customer loyalty

The objective of the Group is to be a company whereby the satisfied customer will tend to recommend Elior Group to its concession partners and clients. Here, the key focus is to satisfy the four million customers the Group caters every day. To ensure this, the Group can draw on its knowledge of its customers’ expectations and pay particular attention to their needs.


The Group's differentiation strategy is underpinned by innovation and improving the client experience for its four customer categories (students, patients, employees and travelers). The Group has implemented Life4, a large-scale international innovation programme promoting the emergence of projects that are destined to become future innovations and impact the businesses of the Group.  

Operational excellence

To pursue its expansion, Elior Group must capitalize on the excellence of its services and staff involvement to ensure profitable growth. Across 18,600 restaurants and points of sale, Elior Group employees are driven by the same ambition; to make every break time a unique moment for their guests.


At both the individual and collective levels, responsibility is shared by all stakeholders. Elior Group's commitment to responsibility is apparent throughout the value chain; with its suppliers, guests, clients, shareholders, partners and employees.  As a responsible caterer, Elior Group has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004.