Our values

To be the caterer of choice, Elior Group asserts five values supporting the implementation of our 2016-2020 strategy: employee recognition, loyalty, innovation, operational excellence, responsibility. These values, stemming from the Group’s DNA, are a link between our teams, our activities, our markets and our geographies.

Our 5 corporate values to be the caterer of choice

A constant preoccupation, client loyalty depends largely on guest satisfaction. Innovation plays a decisive role there, and will be a key factor in our development. 

A global leader in the catering and support services industry, Elior Group bears a responsibility towards all of its stakeholders. The Group insists on operational excellence in order to sustain profitable growth, which allows for better employee recognition and opens up career opportunities.

Employee recognition

Indispensable to the success of a services company. We are seeking profitable growth in order to be able to reward our employees and open up career opportunities for them.


A part of our DNA and a constant preoccupation. Because client loyalty largely depends on guest satisfaction, we must switch from a BtoB to a BtoCtoB company.


Crucial to delivering the highest levels of performance and results. We believe digital innovation will be central to this company-wide change, even though innovation is not necessarily digital.

Operational excellence

A key enabler of performance and results, built on cooperation. We must focus and capitalize on our strengths in order to accelerate and thereby deliver profitable growth.


Both individual and collective, shared by all stakeholders. We bear a responsibility towards our suppliers, guests, clients, shareholders, partners and employees.

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