Elior Group, the French leader in contract catering that feeds more than 5 million guests around the world every day, and the Prevent2Care Lab, an accelerator for start-up and health prevention associations, join forces to leverage food as the means to ensure better health prevention. Together, they launch a call to recruit the first batch of start-ups to take part in the Nutrition Lab program and will be receiving applications between December 1 and 31, 2020.

Founded in 2018 as the result of an initiative taken by the Ramsay Santé Foundation, the Prevent2Care Lab was joined in 2019 by Pfizer Innovation France. This year, the Prevent2Care Lab develops the Nutrition Lab, its branch dedicated to health nutrition. Elior Group thus provides its support to INCO, a global accelerator of green and social start-ups, to operate this new program and support start-ups whose ambition is to promote better health through food.

“Elior Group is delighted to participate in the Nutrition Lab incubation program. As the leading French social caterer, we are committed to providing our guests healthy meals that are good for the planet and tasty. Supporting start-ups that draw on innovation and nutrition to improve health is further proof of the commitment of Elior Group, which will bring its food and tech expertise to the five selected start-ups”.

— Anne-Cathy de Tavernier, Elior Group Nutrition Director

“The links between nutrition and health is becoming increasingly well-known and the risk of developing many diseases (cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes) can be reduced by adopting ad hoc nutritional habits. Developing a nutrition branch within the Prevent2Care Lab to promote the emergence of innovative digital solutions struck us as being both timely and relevant. In addition, we have teamed up with one of the global leaders in contract catering, which is obviously sensitive to these subjects and an expert in the field”.

— Caroline Desaegher, Delegate General of the Ramsay Santé Foundation

“In terms of behavioral health, nutrition is a key component because it can play a major role in the occurrence of certain chronic pathologies. With the Nutrition Lab, the Prevent2Care Lab program is expanding into a new dimension where digital innovation is put to the service of food, by benefiting from the expertise of one of the key players in the field”.

— Sabrina Lesage, Head of Strategic Alliances at Pfizer France


The call for projects to recruit the first batch of 5 start-ups which will take part in the Nutrition Lab is open until December 31, 2020. The 5 selected start-ups will then receive free support for a period of 6 months and benefit from the INCO ecosystem (40 countries, 500 start-ups), as well as from Elior's food and tech expertise.

To find out about the selection criteria and apply, start-ups can visit the program's website and complete their application form: www.prevent2carelab.co/nutritionlab

The Nutrition Lab will be based in Lyon but will target start-ups throughout the entire country.


For several years, nutrition has become an issue of growing concern in the onset of certain pathologies (obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, etc.). Nonetheless, eating habits have changed little since 2005, despite measures implemented within the framework of the French PNNS (national health nutrition program): only 42% of adults and 23% of children consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

For this reason, the nutrition experts from the Elior group and INCO have identified 4 priority challenges that the Nutrition Lab start-ups must be able to address so as to pursue the efforts already made in the field of health nutrition:

•    Develop new gourmet food products that respect consumers’ health and encourage adopting better eating habits and taking pleasure in eating;
•    Promote personalized nutrition by drawing on the contribution of new technologies to improve eating habits and practices;
•    Provide better care through nutrition so as to improve the care and quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases, mental health disorders and other pathologies;
•    Fight against eating disorders to prevent the food we eat from becoming a source of health risk (obesity, eating disorders, etc.).

All information can be found on the dedicated site: www.prevent2carelab.co/nutritionlab