Elior Group appointed Benoît Cornu as Group’s Chief Communications Officer. He reports to Philippe Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group, and is a member of the Group Management Committee.

Aged 51, Benoît is a graduate of ESC Dijon (Burgundy School of Business) and began his career as a marketing researcher at the Prosop Institut and then at Chronopost. In 1998 he joined Match supermarkets (Cora group) where he was in charge of brand development projects. In 2000, he was appointed Marketing and Coordination Director of Opéra, the central procurement unit of the Casino and Cora-Match groups. In 2002, he became Deputy Chief Executive Officer of EMC Distribution (the central procurement unit of the Casino group), then in 2003 Vice President, Communications and External Relations, for the Casino group.

In 2007 he was appointed as Chief Communications Officer of the PMU group. Over the past ten years, Benoît has worked on PMU’s project to completely transform its business, brand and image, against a backdrop of increasing globalization, the digital revolution, and the French gambling industry being opened up to competition. In 2016 he was named Communications Person of the Year by France’s largest corporate communications trade association, Communication & Entreprise.