Areas, the global concession catering travel and leisure brand of Elior Group has teamed up with Moulinot to ensure the collection, management and recovery of the 300 tons of waste it generates annually at its catering sites at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris. Through this partnership, Areas is looking to recover 50% of its waste by April 2017.

Last December, Areas won an 11-year contract for all 40 catering outlets at Paris expo Porte de Versailles. These points of sale cater for nearly 10 million visitors a year. Aware of the environmental impact of its activities, Areas has developed a responsible offering, accompanied by an innovative waste-collection and recovery system.

In order to meet its target to recover 50% of its waste by the end of March, Areas has teamed up with Moulinot to create an eco-site where food waste, cartons, glass, bottles, plastic, canisters and cling film can be compacted. This system also allows for the specific recovery of the various categories of waste in specially adapted processing lines. For food waste, for instance, which is currently treated by methanization, an innovative process, unique in France, will be introduced in the near future to transform it into compost for local agricultural use.

In addition, Moulinot has set up five waste-collection points near Halls 1, 2, 4 and 7 of the exhibition center to be close to the areas which produce the bulk of the waste and therefore make sorting easier for Areas’ staff. A dedicated Moulinot agent is in charge of the collection and transport of waste to the eco site.

Moulinot has also set up dedicated workshops to raise the awareness of Area’s 100 employees working at the exhibition center and to instruct them in the everyday gestures required to optimize waste collection, sorting and recovery.