The companies Areas, Autogrill, Sighor and SSP have decided to pool their expertise in travel catering for an ambitious collaborative project offering travelers a culinary experience on the road featuring gourmet dishes based on local, natural produce and created by renowned French chef Marc Veyrat. For Areas, Autogrill, Sighor and SSP, Culin’Aires underscores their expertise as caterers and promotes their initiatives and goals to foster healthy eating.

The aim of the Culin’Aires project is to make the refreshment break a tastier, more savory experience and to transmit the French way of life, as well as to promote quality produce and the love of the land.


Culin’Aires is to be launched on April 5 in 160 cafeterias and sandwich bars across the French motorway network. The first Culin’Aires menu has been designed by Areas, Autogrill, Sighor and SSP in partnership with three-star chef Marc Veyrat.

The groundbreaking Culin’Aires concept provides a catering solution that is accessible to all at standard prices for all outlets across France, with sandwiches at €5.90 and main courses at €11.90.

In order to respect the seasonality of produce, recipes are renewed every season.



On the menu

Quality, seasonal French produce is used in a range of tasty, gourmet, yet simple meals. 

Sandwich: whole wheat bread made from Label Rouge flour, filled with French beef, rocket salad, fresh basil, crushed tomatoes and béarnaise sauce.

Main dish: quinoa cooked in a citrus vegetable stock with raisins, ratatouille and fresh, French truffled free-range eggs.