The 2016-2017 Elior Group activity report gives insight into the everyday desires and expectations of its guests at seven key sites. Our relationship with food is changing: be it at school, at the office or on the road to our holiday destination, Elior Group strives to make every second of the break a unique experience.

These seven reports invite the reader to discover the backstage and behind the scenes of successful breaks, in markets facing different challenges:

  • At the headquarters of the BNL bank in Rome in Italy (at work)
  • At Hugh Baird College in Liverpool in the United Kingdom (at school)
  • At the Ephad  Priory of SaintLouans in Chinon, France (in a care home),
  • At the Los Angeles Airport  in the United States (on a business trip)
  • At the Gare du Nord train station in Paris (on a business trip)
  • On the Alcacer do Sal motorway south of Lisbon in Portugal (on the way)
  • At La Casamance private hospital in Aubagne, France (at hospital)

These examples from around the world illustrate the solutions Elior Group has designed to accommodate the changing trends in our ways life:

  • The multitude of choices available in and the customization of consumer paths: today, guests must be able to decide on their own consumer path and combine different nutritional offers.
  • Consumer hub atmosphere: catering solutions should be installed in hybrid venues with areas where guests can also work relax or cut themselves off.
  • Responsible nutrition: Elior Group is working to develop its offer and better inform its guests, since the choice of food can have an impact on their health, the life of their region and their environment.

The activity report is a source of information and a marketing and value-enhancement tool for the Group, and gives an annual summary of the key news related to our businesses and savoir-faire.