In July and August, Areas (global number 3 in travel catering, market leader in France and Spain and present in Italy, Portugal and the US) is expecting to receive more than 55 million travelers at its 1,403 restaurants and points of sale. The summer vacation season accounts for around 25% of Areas’ annual customer flows. With operations in Europe and on the American continent, Areas has developed catering solutions that are adapted to each of its market segments (airports, railway stations and motorways) and respect the specific cultural characteristics of each country.

The French prefer the jambon-beurre sandwich and the pain au chocolat

Areas has developed an in-depth knowledge of consumer needs in all of its operating markets and provides catering solutions that are tailored to meet specific regional consumer habits and tastes. For example, regional specials are bocadillos and croissants in Spain and Portugal, and burgers and donuts in the US. The French prefer the jambon-beurre sandwich and the pain au chocolat, while the Italians go more for pasta and ice-creams. 

New trends: raw fruit and vegetables and home-cooked meals

In addition to promoting these cultural preferences, Areas’ catering solutions feature new emerging culinary trends. For the 2016 summer vacation season, the Group has developed a selection of new offers and recipes where the accent is on fresh produce and home-cooked meals and which feature raw fruit and vegetables, a variety of salad mains and a new and original range of sandwiches, etc.  For Areas, the aim is to offer the perfect blend of ingredients to ensure travelers savor every moment of their trip, both at the outset, as an appetizer of the vacation ahead, and on the return journey as a souvenir of their trip away; a commitment well reflected in the Areas' motto: Savor your way.

Global number three in travel catering and leader in France and Spain, Areas develops bespoke catering solutions for each of its markets; at the airport, for example, break-times are recreational and impulsive moments synonymous to escape and adventure while at railway stations the time-pressed traveler requires catering solutions that are quick and constructive and for many drivers on the road, stopping off for a break is essential and has become somewhat of a ritual.

 “The incredible diversity of our local and international brands has given rise to a challenge involving the creation of catering solutions adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of travelers passing through railway stations and international airports, or stopping off at motorway service plazas. Our goal is to provide catering solutions that are at once tasty and tailored to meet the needs of travelers on their holiday trip” stated Alexandre de Palmas, CEO of Areas in France and in Northern Europe.