Elior Group has announced the launch of Elior Group Solidarities, a new non-profit organization designed to finance, support and promote solidarity initiatives. The objectives of Elior Group Solidarities are more extensive than those of its predecessor, the Elior Foundation, while covering all the countries where the Group operates. It is a catalyst for all solidarity initiatives within Elior Group, both in France and abroad.

With Elior Group Solidarities, the Group aims to step up its social commitments as well as those of its employees, by encouraging initiatives to help the most vulnerable members of the community.

The role of Elior Group Solidarities, which is a non-profit organization, will be to:

  • provide financial support for solidarity projects submitted by Group employees;
  • allocate scholarships;
  • make human and material contributions such as the donation of free meals and unsold food.

Elior Group Chairman and CEO Philippe Salle stated: “With Elior Group Solidarities, we hope to go beyond our social and financial accomplishments by supporting the most vulnerable sections of the community; people without any access to decent living conditions, training or employment. By supporting projects of general public interest, as well as the initiatives of our staff, we want to play a part in building a society that offers greater solidarity.”

Elior Group Solidarities plans to launch its first call for project proposals in the fall of 2017.