As holiday-makers prepare to take off for the summer holiday season, Elior has published a computer graphics document on the major consumer trends identified in the various travelling segments. The focus here is on that critical moment of the journey when travellers stop for a break and refreshments. As millions of holiday-makers prepare to take to the road or head off to the airport or train station, this document reveals travellers’ impressions about the trip ahead, their consumer expectations and the key factors a leading catering group should take into consideration to prepare.
  • Nature of the break – necessity, functional, recreational: this varies according to the mode of transport

Holiday-makers’ travel experiences differ depending on whether they travel by plane, car or train: travelling by car inspires a sense of freedom, while a train ride can be more relaxing and flying is often synonymous with evasion. For those travelling by plane, pausing for refreshments in the airport tends to be a recreational, spontaneous gesture; an enjoyable moment before boarding. On the motorway, drivers are obliged to stop at service areas, often to fill up but also to unwind and take a break. In train stations, travellers tend to seek rapid, functional catering solutions so that they can pick up the supplies they need for a pleasurable trip.

  • Number of travellers and staff recruitment needs: preparing for major holiday departures

In July and August, Elior will be catering for around 20 million holiday-makers in its boutiques and restaurants; 12 million of these will be travelling by road, 3.5 million passing through train stations and 4 million through airports. Every summer, Elior mobilises its teams to make things easier for holiday-makers and ensure they make the most of their breaks by proposing catering solutions that are designed to help travellers relax and which are adapted to suit their individual needs. To cater for this amount of travellers, the company has recruited over 1,700 seasonal workers and implemented programmes to train Elior teams in the skills necessary to welcome and ensure the well-being of travellers.

  • Rapid service, regional and healthy food : travel catering trends in 2015

 Sandwiches, Viennese pastries, grilled foods, bottled water, coffees and sodas are still the flagship products served during the summer months in Elior boutiques and restaurants in train stations, motorway service areas and airports. Consumer trends show that for their refreshment break, holiday-makers are showing an increasing preference for healthy products, such as vegetarian sandwiches, and particularly appreciate local and seasonal recipes. According to Elior, consumer trends also show that in addition to traditional table service, travellers are tending more and more towards fast-food and self-service solutions.