On the occasion of the signing of the “WEP Charter of Women's Empowerment Principles” by Philippe Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of the Elior group, Elior reaffirms its commitment to gender diversity at all corporate levels. Elior thus joins the community of more than 4,000 companies engaged in the development and sharing of best practices related to the seven WEP principles aimed at promoting gender equality in companies.

At Elior, we firmly believe that our ability to develop diversity and inclusion is essential to attract and retain talent, to innovate and to perform well and thus shape the world of tomorrow. This is why I and the entire management team, are committed to deploying this program at all levels of the company so as to guarantee everyone an equal chance to succeed professionally in all our professions around the world.

— Philippe Guillemot, CEO of Elior Group

The project team and the Governance Committee dedicated to diversity have defined a set of objectives to increase the percentage of women holding several key functions of the company and to guarantee professional equality. To achieve these objectives, Elior is committed to the deployment of a vast action plan covering recruitment, career-management, training and internal-communication issues, as well as working and remuneration conditions.

Adherence to the UN's WEP principles testifies to Elior's commitment to develop the diversity of its teams at all levels of the organization and to guarantee an inclusive and respectful culture for all of our 105,000 employees in our 22,700 restaurants and points of sale worldwide.