Elior has inaugurated its first "Twenty" food in response to the ever growing demand for mobile cuisine, a catering solution that reaches out to the consumer and where the quality of food, even in the fast-food segment, is not compromised. The 12,000 employees working on the Inovallée technology park in Meylan, Grenoble will be the first people in France to benefit!

This is a new alternative to the traditional corporate canteen! Forever moving with the times, Elior has developed a fast-food catering concept inspired by the changes going on in our society today:  a varied food offering that reaches out to consumers who, with a choice of 20 sandwich fillings and 20 special types of bread, can create their own sandwiches.

Elior's "Twenty" made-to-order sandwich bar concept, until now a feature in the corporate restaurant segment with two sites in the Paris region (at La Défense and Massy), has already proven its originality by providing a made-to-order sandwich bar service offering a large choice of prime French produce: PGI Bayonne ham; red-label rosette de Lyon (pure pork slicing sausage), Guéméné andouille (smoked sausage), Beaufort AOC cheese and even Espelette chilli pepper, etc. For the first time, this catering concept takes to the road in the form of the Elior “Twenty” food truck.  This creation, which required three months of work to adapt the food truck so that it could meet collective-catering requirements «made sense in response to contemporary urban trends " confirmed Philippe Simon, Director of Marketing Operations in the fast-food catering division which initiated the project.

The 1st "Twenty" Food Truck in France has been installed at the Inovallée technological park near Grenoble! Elior plans to deploy this concept to other zones of activity in the coming months.

*Twenty = 20 different types of bread, 20 ingredients, 20 exclusive recipes, 20 starters and 20 desserts