Today, Elior Group completed the early redemption of its 6.5% May 2020 high-yield bonds listed in Luxembourg, under ISINs XS0808635600 and XS0808638299, for a total amount of €186 million (including the redemption premium), and announced that it had raised an equivalent amount with investors in the form of a seven-year private placement, at a variable Euribor rate, plus a margin of 250 basis points. These transactions make it possible for the Group to further lower the cost of its debt, while extending its maturity.

Olivier Dubois, Chief Financial Officer of the Group, stated: "We are continually working to optimize our balance sheet, reduce financing costs, extend debt maturity and diversify sources of financing. This new transaction underscores the attractiveness of Elior Group's debt, and the confidence of our banking and financial partners."