Within the context of the 2020 strategic plan launched by its Chairman and CEO, Philippe Salle, Elior Group has decided to anticipate trends regarding the consumption of online information, in particular corporate information. Digital transformation, a cornerstone of Group strategy, has been launched at all levels across the Company, including the Communications department which has revamped its websites galaxy according to these new standards.

As the first player in its sector to undertake this transformation, Elior Group has announced the launch of two new websites: elior.fr (http://www.elior.fr) and The Inside Scoop (http://theinsidescoop.eliorgroup.com/en). Both of these sites will benefit from the shared web platform recently set up by Elior Group, which will enable the global deployment of the Company's websites galaxy thanks to its site factory.

A reversed approach

The first of these, elior.fr (in French), is the new site of the contract catering leader in France. This site has been designed to convert simple visits into potential business relationships or recruitment processes; an approach that transforms the website model from being a passive showcase into one that allows the visitor to play an active role. The aim of this open navigation approach, facilitated by the site design, is to enable visitors to easily access the information they are looking for, in relation to their expectations and needs, rather than directing them to areas on the site the company wishes them to visit.

Anticipate and share

The second of these is bilingual French/English site The Inside Scoop. The objective of this site is to share exclusive, non-commercial content concerning food, consumption and catering, as well as educational and informative articles and graphics based on facts and figures of studies and observations carried out in the Group's sector of activity and which are destined notably for influencers, bloggers, journalists, etc. This site draws on Elior Group's international scope and position as a caterer of choice. 

For Elior Group Vice-President Communications Frédéric Fougerat, "by revamping its websites galaxy, Elior Group has adopted a different approach to information-sharing. Rather than striving for the finest showcase and pushing information, our goal is improve the sharing of reference information."