Elior Group is launching a major campaign to promote best practices for users on the social networks, in order to raise the awareness of, and educate its 120,000 employees and the general public. What is a hashtag? How do I create a Twitter account? How can I become a digital ambassador of my firm? What is personal branding? What should I write on LinkedIn? What photos should I share on Instagram? The aim of the Group’s #WeAreSocializers in-house and external campaign is to provide answers to a vast array of questions.

At the core of this operation, wearesocializers.eliorgroup.com is a fun and educational dedicated website where everybody can test their digital skills, determine their social network superhero profile and share it online. In addition, the site offers a space reserved for the Group's 120,000 employees with advice, tips and a guide to best practices users need to enhance their presence and performance on the social media. On the site, the Group’s employees can also consult the calendar of events (digital cafes, theme-based conferences and practical workshops), select those that best suit their level and field of interest and make reservations online.

This operation is underpinned by an in-house and external promotional campaign deployed on the Twitter accounts of the Group's various brands (@Elior_Group, @Elior_France, @EliorServicesFR, @Areas_FR) which offers a variety of other goodies, such as theme-based badges for those participating in the conferences.

In preparation for the global launch, on January 31, 2017, Elior Group organized its first speed-training Digital Day event; the first stage in the #WeAreSocializers program designed to transform employees into Group digital ambassadors and make them superheroes of the social networks.

The pedagogical aim of #WeAreSocializers is to enhance the digital knowledge of Group employees by helping them understand and master the social networks. Future socializers will therefore be better equipped to accompany the digital transformation of the Group, one of the objectives featured in Philippe Salle's 2020 strategic plan. Designed for newcomers to social networks and experts alike, this program, run by the certified Abilways Digital training team, aims to enhance the skills of employees and reveal their latent superpowers.

For Group Vice-President Communications, Frédéric Fougerat: "The social networks concern all forms of digital expression (video, text, images, photos, short drafts, etc.) and the ability to master them is a catalyst for digital project success. The aim of #WeAreSocializers is to unite our employees around the Elior Group brand, involve them in the digital transformation of the Group, and more generally, to give them the keys they need to understand and use the social media networks that play such an important part in our everyday lives."