Elior Group recently added the “Ville de Paris” brand to its product range in its restaurants in Parisian museums and other prestigious sites to offer visitors the chance to savor a delicious “Ville de Paris” chocolate with their tea or coffee, and promote the capital to the Group’s French and international guests.

Elior Group is proud to associate its restaurants in this venture and to contribute towards promoting the French capital. “Ville de Paris” chocolate squares are now offered in the Group restaurants in the Louvre, Quai d’Orsay, Quai Branly (Café Branly) and Grand Palais RMN[1] museums, as well as at the Ciel de Paris on the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse, and the Cercle national des armées. In this way, Paris lovers can enjoy a delicious “Ville de Paris” chocolate with their coffee.

Guests to Elior Group restaurants can now savor these delicious, tastefully-wrapped chocolates, made by Comptoirs Richard. Based in the Paris region, this company is not only renowned for its savoir-faire and the quality of its products, but is also the symbol of L’art de vivre à la Parisienne (the Parisian lifestyle). With the “Ville de Paris” chocolates, the history of Paris becomes a special moment to be savored at a fine time.

The town hall of Paris is the first in France to develop by-products with well-known brands in order to enhance the image of the city. Given the popularity of these products, many Parisian cafes, restaurants and hotels are now marketing certain products in this range.

According to Alexandre de Palmas, CEO of Areas in France and in Northern Europe (the worldwide concession catering brand of Elior Group), “the “Ville de Paris” chocolate experience offers visitors to Parisian museums the opportunity to prolong a moment of pleasure. In addition to their quality and elegant design, these products are value-enhancing for the restaurants located in the emblematic sites of the capital, and a way for Elior Group, official partner of Paris 2024, to promote the French capital.”


[1] Réunion des musées nationaux (public cultural establishment)