As an official partner in the Paris bid to organize the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Elior Group has decided to stage public awareness events that combine sports and culinary experiences. On the basis of a market research study carried out by KANTAR TNS, which reveals that, for the French people, “fork + sneakers = well-being”, Elior Group is inviting them to set aside at least #2024secondes a day for their well-being.

Elior Group, which is championing the “sport/nutrition/well-being” theme for the Paris bid to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, enlisted KANTAR TNS to carry out a market research study to observe the relationship the French have to sport and food. The findings of the study show that in 2016, for the French, sport and food are the main ingredients needed to ensure one’s well-being. Whether one practices sports for pleasure and eats for health reasons, or vice-versa, combining a physical activity and a meal break is a source of well-being. As such, the longer one spends over one’s meals and the more sport one does, the better it is for one’s well-being. 

Sensitive to the “fork + sneakers = well-being” equation, Elior Group has launched its #2024secondes(1) campaign inviting the French to take time out to take care of themselves and enjoy a break that combines sports activities and culinary experiences.  

Group Vice-President Communications, Frédéric Fougerat stated, “While the world of sports is new territory for Elior Group, we have been a long-standing partner of Paris and France. Because we cater for some two million guests in France every day, we decided to mobilize and involve them in a dialogue to raise their awareness to the importance of their well-being. We are supporting the Paris 2024 bid because of the numerous links that exist between our business and Olympic sports: striving to be the best, promoting a collective approach and fighting for equal opportunity.”

To enable everyone to enjoy 2,024 seconds a day of well-being, Elior Group’s #2024secondes campaign, which will run until the summer of 2017, proposes:

  • A dedicated site ( every week, Elior Group will invite an athlete, a personality involved in the Paris 2024 bid, a chef, a person of influence, a Group employee or an internet user to share their #2024secondes of well-being and talk about their two-fold sports and culinary experience.
  • #2024secondes events in Group restaurants organized to make the lunch break a pleasurable, sharing and convivial moment.
  • A well-being monitoring sensor, allowing everybody to measure the positive effects of their #2024secondes sports and culinary experiences both online and at the Group’s catering sites, before sharing them on the social networks.

Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is the dream of a nation; a universal break for people to take time out to share and enjoy a moment of well-being; a social project that will leave its heritage to the host country”, stated Philippe Salle, Chairman and CEO of Elior Group. “As a French company and a global leader in concession and contract catering, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure that the Paris bid is successful and to take an active part in this visionary project. We are therefore mobilized to enhance the well-being of the French by reviving their appetite for physical activities and good food.”

Bernard Lapasset, co-Chairman of the Paris 2024 Olympic Bid Committee stated: “We hope that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will promote initiatives and that every project will foster progress both for today and the future. If hosted by Paris, the 2024 Olympic Games promise to be a spectacular event, a fact guaranteed by the mobilization of all parties involved in the project. This is reflected by the implication of Elior Group whose contribution demonstrates how the benefits of playing sport and having fun serve as a source of motivation.”


(1) This hashtag will only be used on the French-speaking web