Since Elior France forged its partnership with Mr.Goodfish in 2017, the kitchen teams have spent the past year collaborating with a panel of guests to develop a range of varied and responsible recipes based on Mr.Goodfish seafood products. Henceforth, every Wednesday, the restaurants of Arpège (Elior Group’s premium B&I catering brand) raise the awareness of some 50,000 guests to the preservation of seafood resources and offer them the possibility of savoring an innovative range of fish and seafood products.

The aim of the Mr.Goodfish program is to raise the awareness of the general public and sector professionals in Europe to the sustainable consumption of seafood produce. Every season, Mr.Goodfish publishes a list of seafood produce recommended by maritime-resource specialists with a view to encouraging the general public to play a role in the preservation of fishing resources. These products respect three key criteria, namely: season, minimum authorized size (to ensure that fish can reproduce at least once), and the state of fish stock in every fishing zone.

This partnership with Mr.Goodfish underscores the commitment of Arpège to preserve biodiversity by adapting its seafood sourcing policy to marine ecosystems and recommendations of expert stakeholders. 

Joint-chairman of the World Ocean Network and CEO of NAUSICAA, Philippe Vallette, explained: "By informing guests in its restaurants and raising the awareness of its distribution partners, Arpège, alongside Mr.Goodfish, has brought all the links in the seafood product chain into play.”

After completing a test phase in six Arpège pilot restaurants, the partnership was gradually extended to involve as far as possible the kitchen staff in the program while ensuring that guests acquire a taste for these forgotten and less well-known species.

To this end, six Arpège chefs, in association with a top French fishmonger, focused on four species in particular: plaice, mackerel, hake and pollock. A panel of guests was then invited to taste and approve the recipes created specially using the fish species recommended by Mr.Goodfish. As a result of the test, two dishes in particular were selected by the panel of guests and are now featured on the menu of 98 Arpège restaurants: plaice poached in butter with Granny Smith apple julienne, and mackerel served in Norwegian sauce.

By pooling Arpège’s culinary expertise and Mr.Goodfish's in-depth knowledge of seafood produce, the partnership has developed recipes that enhance the taste and nutritional qualities of Mr.Goodfish produce. The preparation of mackerel, for example, requires particular attention. This saltwater species is found in great abundance in our oceans, migrates in huge shoals and is very rich in omega-3; a nutrient that can be destroyed if the fish is cooked on too high a flame. Recipes are also adapted to suit catch and availability requirements and to respect the seasonality of the different species, notably plaice.

Arpège Managing Director, Frédéric Lepape, stated: "Over the past year, we have promoted the savors of responsible fishing for our chefs and guests. Our partnership with Mr.Goodfish underpins the CSR strategy of the Group and our commitment to respect biodiversity. Our two-fold objective is to raise the awareness of our guests and employees to environmental challenges and to cook and sublimate innovative and seasonal seafood dishes for our guests.”