Areas, the international travel catering brand of Elior Group, has teamed up with the RETREAT brand to offer a new culinary concept at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), which, for the second year running, was voted Best Airport in the World in 2016 for its catering services. With this new local catering chain, inspired by Real Food Fast, Areas is helping Copenhagen Airport achieve its goal to create unique culinary experiences to suit the tastes of Danish and international travelers.

Since the gastronomy of Copenhagen has largely contributed to Denmark’s international reputation, Copenhagen Airport aims to reflect this specific savoir-faire by offering travelers a unique catering experience. For 60% of CPH’s customers, catering is a priority when traveling: they look for a wide variety of both local and international brands, as well as high quality, reasonably priced food and, above all, innovative catering offers. 

To meet passengers’ expectations, CPH called on Areas, a longstanding expert in travel catering and partner of the biggest international airports, to design customized catering offers. 

By introducing the RETREAT brand at Copenhagen Airport, Areas has demonstrated its ability to discover and attract brands whose offerings are in keeping with the latest culinary trends in travel venues. Set up in 2014, RETREAT is a Danish catering chain, with six Copenhagen-based restaurants providing home-made, bio, vegan, healthy and tasty food for all seasons.

Jesper Lehman, the founder of the brand, stated: “The opening of a Retreat sales outlet at CPH is a major step for the development of our brand. Indeed, this is our first experience in the travel sector and it’s a real challenge. At CPH, we can welcome, serve and promote our culinary innovations to over 1000 customers a day.

Lise Ryevad, Copenhagen Airport Director of Airport Sales, added: “We know that around 60% of people appreciate good food experiences when travelling, and there’s high demand for healthy alternatives. RETREAT is good food, simple as that – high quality at a fair price from a strong Danish brand. RETREAT is fully in keeping with our ambition to give travellers ‘a taste of Copenhagen’ as they pass through Copenhagen Airport.”

Alexandre de Palmas, General Manager of Areas in France and Northern Europe, stated:  “RETREAT is an obvious choice for Copenhagen Airport. The brand meets the expectations of travelers in search of “local culinary heroes”. We are proud to export our savoir-faire to CPH, one of the world’s most prestigious airports, and to underscore our expansion strategy in the Nordic countries.”