Business & Industry : a completely reinvented offer


Elior proposes an innovative, gourmet offer that is adapted to new ways of working, meets our guests’ demand for greater flexibility and further improves the nutritional quality of the meals we serve. Providing healthy food for all is at the heart of the Group's DNA, which plays a pioneering role in promoting better nutrition.


Nutri Score

Elior is the first player in the catering sector to adapt the Nutri-Score in its B&I canteens. Designed by Public Health France on the basis of research carried out by the team of Professor Serge Hercberg, the Nutri-Score provides simple, readable and understandable nutritional information on meals.

Tasty cuisine

Times have indeed changed in the B&I catering segment. Guests spend less time over their midday meal. Fewer people actually sit down to lunch; some don’t always eat off a plate or even in the canteen. Consumers have, above all, become more demanding, insisting on dishes that are in season, prepared on-site and made with locally-sourced, bio and labelled produce. Elior offers businesses and public service establishments a varied, balanced catering offer that meets new consumption codes.

Every day, our chefs endeavor to make the lunch break a real moment of pleasure and conviviality. In Italy, the Food Academy is a place of experimentation and development where chefs and nutritionists can exchange best practices and new recipes. The Academy enables Italian chefs to train, develop and perfect the best food processing and cooking techniques so that they can create tasty and balanced menus for the well-being of everyone.

Heardquarters of BNL, Rome, Italy.

Each morning people gather at the bar counter for a traditional caffè — an essential ritual of everyday life in Rome.

Flexible and digital restaurants


The sanitary crisis has boosted consumer demand for more flexible, nomadic and digital offers. In all of the Group's operating countries, Elior is stepping up its digital transformation to meet the new nutrition habits and expectations of B&I employees. Applications developed by the Group notably make life easier for guests while ensuring that they can enjoy their meal with complete peace of mind.

In the UK, our British subsidiary uses the Dynamify application, a meal pre-order platform which enables us to offer services that are eagerly awaited by our B&I guests. With this user-friendly and intuitive app, social distancing is guaranteed through virtual queueing and in-app payment.

In Italy, the JoyFood app provides guests with a take-out service they can reserve and also offers a payment option, which avoids using cash and reduces checkout queues.  It also makes it possible to manage flows more efficiently by providing real-time information on canteen-attendance flows, and allowing guests to reserve time slots.

Chaud bouillant
Chaud Bouillant is a click & collect hot-meal offer, inspired by the menus of Parisian brasseries


  • 6,500 restaurants and points of sale
  • 1.6 million guests / day

Capturing new markets

Frigo connecté

In an increasingly tense economic context, Elior is developing catering concepts for companies seeking to limit their investment. By drawing on its extensive expertise, the Group can now offer its services to customers with a smaller workforce, thanks to the development of dedicated technological solutions (mobile applications, connected refrigerators, etc.).

For several years, Elior Italy has been developing the Food360 offer; a self-service, connected-fridge catering concept for small businesses. Thanks to the JoyFood application, guests can now reserve and pay for their meal, then collect it whenever they want.

In France, with the acquisition of the Nestor start-up, Elior is reaching out to new guests, particularly teleworking employees.   

Responsible nutrition

Elior uses good, healthy and sustainable ingredients in its recipes. In order to select the best products, the Group is committed to quality channels, and sources local, seasonal and labeled products.

The Group raises the awareness of its guests to other environmental issues: the fight against plastic pollution, the carbon impact and plastic pollution.                        

In the UK, Lexington has launched TRASHED, an anti-waste program designed to promote recipes that recycle left-overs and food that is destined for the trash can: vegetable juice, vegetable stems and leaves, dry bread, overripe fruit, cheese rinds, etc.

Elior’s teams are also working to eliminate non-recyclable, disposable and non-recycled plastic in its restaurants.  Reducing single-use products is essential to limit the ecological damage they cause in the long term.