With more than twenty years of experience in the corporate service market, Vito Rodrigues is the Chief Executive Officer of DERICHEBOURG Facility Services on the Iberian Peninsula. 

With a decided taste for pushing himself to his limits in 1994 Vito Rodrigues joined the French Army, where for two years he commanded a group of parachute commandos. After being detached to Sarajevo he was awarded the French National Defence Medal, the Medal for Combatants in Former-Yugoslavia and the NATO Armed Forces Medal. In 1996 he continued his career by re-joining the Fire Service as a Fire Chief [chef d’équipe de brigade incendie]. 

In 1999 Vito Rodrigues joined SAMSIC in the post of Agency Manager and was promoted to the position of Key Accounts Manager and then Manager National Key Accounts, before joining DERICHEBOURG Multiservices in 2014 as Special Adviser to the Chairman. 

In 2015 he took over executive management of DERICHEBOURG Facility Services in Portugal and Spain. On the merger of Elior Group and Derichebourg Multiservices in 2023 he joined Elior Group.