One year after forging its partnership with the French leading application in the fight against food waste, Too Good To Go, Elior extends the service already available in the Group’s corporate restaurants and is carrying out a first trial on the higher education segment at the site of Télécom Paris as of October 12, 2020.

Since 2019, corporate guests have the possibility to order on the Too Good To Go application their surprise basket made up of surplus lunch food at a reduced price, and collect it at the end of the day. Thanks to conclusive results following the implementation of the first tests in the Carrefour corporate restaurant, then in 10 other corporate restaurants, Elior is now accelerating its fight against food waste and deploying the service more widely in its corporate company restaurants. In 2021, Elior’s objective is to engage 400 corporate company restaurants in this action with the ambition to save 40,000 meals per month, i.e. an average of 5 meals per day per restaurant.

To go further in the fight against food waste, Elior is now looking to raise the awareness of its guests in the higher education segment as of October 12, 2020. The application has been launched initially in test phase at the restaurant of the Télécom Paris higher education institution and will subsequently be proposed in the cafeteria in early November.

Internationally, where the device is also available in Spain by the Group's Serunion subsidiary, 1,250 meals have been saved thanks to Too Good To Go since October 2019. After carrying out successful tests in 9 hospital restaurants, the application is now being deployed more widely throughout the country.

“ With this deployment, which supports the application of the measures required by the French EGalim law, Elior reaffirms its commitment to a more responsible mode of consumption and is banking on a concrete and accessible solution designed to redistribute unsold food to our guests. Our ambitious goal of saving 40,000 meals per month, i.e. an average of 5 meals per day and per restaurant, demonstrates our determination to fight against food waste on a daily basis.”

Elior Group CEO, Philippe Guillemot