Elior launches Food for Good - We are what we cook, a new blog with an evocative name that underscores the central role food plays in our daily life to preserve health and well-being, while being a source of enjoyment. As a showcase of the responsible commitments of the Group, leader in contract catering, this new media features the concrete actions of the teams to promote healthy, gourmet meals that respect the planet.

Available in French and English, this editorial platform asserts the Group's commitments and consolidates its expertise in the fields of catering. Through interviews, videos, photos, and infographics, the blog enables Elior to address its guests directly on four topics:

  • Planet:  reducing the impact of our activities on the environment is today at the heart of our concerns. It is vital to step up the transition in our eating habits and production methods towards a model that is respectful with regard to our planet.
  • Well-being: cooking tasty and well-balanced meals allows to cover our guests’ nutritional needs. Being a responsible caterer, also means offering the best standards in terms of quality and food security while raising awareness to public health challenges.
  • Cuisine: flavors, recipe’s variety, conviviality, etc. are some of the criteria necessary to ensure that meal-times are a moment of pleasure. Every day, our chefs and their catering teams give their all to delight the taste buds of our guests, young and old, in a welcoming and modern environment.
  • Communities: being a player involved in ensuring the economic and social vitality of territories offers real career prospects while contributing to the creation of dynamic communities.

The blog is addressed to all stakeholders of the Elior Group: associative players, the media, sector experts, and the general public. This ambitious approach thus enables Elior to make the commitments and know-how of the men and women making up the Group accessible to as many people as possible.