To optimize its catering offering for the elderly and certain underserved populations, Elior North America has launched TRIO Community Meals, the leading brand in senior nutrition and community meals, combining three regional brands – Valley, Bateman Community Living and Lindley. Elior North America, the fifth-largest culinary management company in the United States, is therefore strengthening its commitment to Meals on Wheels programs and the community meals sector.

With the aging of the population in the United States (78 million Americans over 65 in 2035, according to the Census Bureau), the demand for meals and services adapted to meet the needs of seniors is set to increase. Since the Older Americans Act was passed in 1965, the federal government has promoted home-delivered meal services and congregate-dining solutions to combat the risks of malnutrition and isolation among the elderly and the underserved.

The TRIO Community Meals brand will build on the three companies’ combined expertise of more than 100 years to provide customized meal solutions:

  • Valley is the US market leader in the senior nutrition sector (250 clients in 20 states), particularly in the home-delivered meal segment (Meals on Wheels);
  • Bateman Community Living provides balanced meals every day to senior citizens in their homes as well as in adult-nutrition centers and senior-focused centers across the nation;
  • Lindley specializes in Meals on Wheels for seniors and catering solutions for underserved children.

The mission of TRIO Community Meals is in keeping with its actions regarding the careful preparation of meals offering high social value. The creation of this new brand further supports Elior’s goal to preserve the autonomy of the elderly by providing home-delivered meal services and offering varied meals at congregate-dining centers that improve the lives of people in communities throughout the United States through nourishment and compassionate care.   

At Elior North America, we provide more than just meals to the millions of people we serve every day. With our community meals program, people who are in need or isolated can come and enjoy a moment together over a meal. Streamlining these services under the TRIO brand will allow us to maximize our collective impact in communities most in need.

— John Kirk - TRIO Managing Director