On the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Philippe Guillemot, CEO of Elior Group signs the declaration for a renewed global cooperation. With this proactive approach, the Group asserts its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and demonstrates its willingness to integrate environmental and societal issues into all of the daily practices of the Group's businesses.

As a contract catering and services company, Elior pays particular attention to the impact its activities have on the environment and society with regard to issues related to CSR and sustainable development. In this regard, Elior has been a member of Global Compact France since 2004 - alongside 1,262 companies and 107 non-profit organizations - and reached the Advanced level in 2015. 

Concretely, in line with its CSR strategy launched in 2016 entitled the Elior Group Positive Foodprint Plan ™, the Group is renewing its commitment around four objectives covering its entire value chain and on which it can have the greatest impact by 2025: healthy meals, sustainable sourcing, the fight against food waste and helping employees fulfil their potential.

Because our teams serve more than 5 million guests in six countries every day, we have the duty to provide solutions to the societal issues in which we believe we can make a positive impact. In signing this declaration, I am proud to take part on behalf of the Group and all our collaborators in renewing our commitment in favor of society and the environment. As a social and responsible caterer, our role is to offer every day to all our guests healthy, balanced meals; meals that are respectful of the environment and people and which always combine a moment of pleasure and the enjoyment of taste", underlines Philippe Guillemot, CEO of Elior Group.