Elior is deploying an innovative visual meal-recognition solution at the check outs in its restaurants. The Group has teamed up with the French start-up Foodvisor, via its spin-off Trayvisor, to use artificial intelligence to minimize waiting time in its restaurants and improve the consumer experience.

Elior and Foodvisor (a leading player in image recognition and the calculation of nutritional information using artificial intelligence) have forged a partnership to develop a solution that streamlines checkout flows and enables checkout staff to devote more time to welcoming and serving Elior’s guests. The solution, which is based on algorithms that use deep-learning, recognizes platter meals at checkout. Equipped with a camera, the solution instantly recognizes each dish or product, associates it with a price and immediately generates a paper or digital receipt via the TimeChef application.

For Elior Group and Foodvisor, the aim is to offer guests personalized nutritional monitoring thanks to the automatic analysis of the composition of their platter. 

This technological innovation is a major contribution to the well-being of our guests: by simplifying the consumers’ restaurant experience they have more time and greater peace of mind to fully appreciate the quality of their meals. After carrying out several months of conclusive tests in a restaurant in the Paris region, we started deploying the innovation in our restaurants in September 2019

— Frédéric Galliath - CEO for Elior France’s B&I market

We are very pleased to be assisting Elior to enhance the well-being of its guests, by making available the unique technological know-how we have developed thanks to our community of more than 2.5 million users. Automatic billing and payment via our Trayvisor spin-off is, for us, the first step towards offering guests personalized nutritional support by analyzing the exact nutritional composition of their platters.

— Charles Boes - Co-founder of Foodvisor