Elior Group announces that it has acquired a stake in Awadac, a company specialized in digital solutions and connected furniture designed for restaurants. Six months after Awadac's digital tables were successfully deployed in the Agora brasserie in the Montpellier Saint-Roch railway station in France, Elior Group and Awadac have decided to strengthen their partnership in a bid to achieve their common goal to reinvent catering.

Within the framework of its culinary and technological innovation strategy, entitled Life4 (Let’s Imagine Future Experiences), Elior Group seeks out and promotes forward-looking projects with the potential of becoming innovations that could impact catering jobs and the catering experience of its guests. As such, Elior Group provides support to start-ups by enabling them to try out their innovations in its restaurants and measure their feasibility on a large scale.

With Awadac’s connected tables, travelers can consult menus in several languages, acquire information on food properties (allergen content, etc.), place orders, call for waiter/waitress service, assess service quality, consult train times and even access fun applications for their children. By digitalizing the experience, the connected table bridges the gap between guest and kitchen, and provides reassurance for travelers on the move who can easily manage their time.

Within the scope of six months, the Awadac solution has proved itself worthy with average growth of 20% in connected-table meal sales over the period. Client acceptance was immediate and Elior Group employees were won over by enhanced organizational fluidity and optimized waiting times enabling catering staff to focus more on delivering a service of quality. 

Elior Group Chairman and CEO Philippe Salle stated: "By joining forces with Awadac, we are looking to reinvent and move with changing trends in our business, and to adapt our offerings to meet new needs. Thanks to the connected tables, our clients can manage their break time and benefit from a quality service.

The partnership between Elior Group and Awadac will give rise to new innovative projects, both in the travel and leisure market segments, as well as in collective catering.

Awadac founder Jérôme Gauchet stated:"This fundraising operation will enable us to strengthen our operational teams and pursue the ambitious objectives laid down in our roadmap. For us, Elior Group seemed the obvious choice since we are looking to shape the future of the catering industry alongside a major global player in order to be more in touch with needs in the field."

Awadac is looking to help transform consumer usages by designing the offering, as well as innovative tableside payment methods and a predictability program making it possible to adjust the offering and stocks, and to offer guests more appropriate and attractive menus. Jérôme Gauchet went on to say, "Our goal is to meet the increasingly stringent demands of our clients while facilitating the everyday needs of caterers and their teams."