Elior Group, one of the world's leading contract caterers, today announces the introduction of an innovative solution for culinary training. Thanks to HoloLens 2, a mixed reality device developed by Microsoft, combined with the Teams collaboration platform, Elior is rethinking its training method, offering faster distance learning opportunities that are also accessible to a wider range of employees.

Culinary training is a key issue for Elior, which has over 20,500 restaurants and outlets in five countries. Thanks to HoloLens 2 and Teams, employees will be able to benefit from immersive training, enabling them to visualize culinary gestures, cutting angles and dressings in real time. A variety of information, recipes, etc. are added to the visual field, appearing and disappearing as required. While working remotely, employees benefiting from this system have never been so close to their trainers.

"The use of HoloLens 2 technology is a real asset for training in culinary gestures. We are convinced that this technological solution will meet the needs of our business sector and enable us to enrich our group's expertise."

— Julien Dallier

Director of Information Systems France at Elior

"HoloLens 2 and mixed reality make it easy for companies to collaborate remotely and boost their productivity. We're delighted to support Elior in training its employees in culinary gestures, an art that particularly benefits from the precision offered by HoloLens 2."

— Xavier Perret

Azure Director at Microsoft France

This innovative initiative proposed by Elior is a real breakthrough in the field of culinary training. It testifies to the Group's commitment to operational excellence and innovation, and its desire to offer employees the tools they need for ongoing training and development. What's more, HoloLens 2, by leveraging Microsoft Teams, integrates perfectly with Elior's work environment. 

In addition to culinary training, Elior plans to use HoloLens 2 to offer remote guided tours of its kitchens and catering concepts. This innovative approach will enable Elior to demonstrate its know-how to customers and prospects.

The project, which has just been launched in France, will train around 30% of the company's 6,000 French employees, and offer new opportunities for business experience. The approach will gradually be extended beyond France: the Group's British subsidiary has already identified the benefits of this solution, and has set up a dedicated project team to accelerate its deployment.

Elior, resolutely focused on the future, will continue to push back the limits of technology to offer its employees and customers an innovative, high-quality culinary experience.