Elior Group announces that is now an official partner supporting France's candidature to host the World Fair in 2025. As such, the Group will lend ExpoFrance2025 all the support needed to back and promote its candidacy in France and abroad.

Commenting on the partnership, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Philippe Salle declared, "Elior Group will mobilize all of its resources in support of France's candidature to host the World Fair in 2025 and contribute to promoting the cultural and economic influence of France."

As a member of the official club of major French-company partners, Elior Group will accompany France's candidature process until 2018, when the International Exhibitions Bureau casts its vote.

To guarantee France the best chances of succeeding, Elior Group will mobilize its employees and expertise to accompany ExpoFrance2025 on a promotional tour throughout France. Between February and June, therefore, people, companies and local authorities across France will be involved in the country's candidature.